studio and yard

On the Scaffolding of Collecting

Thursday 23 July 09 one of our cats killed the fence lizard (Sceloporus occidentalis) above

a day later resting in a plastic bowl of leaf litter the S. occidentalis skin bulged and moved as the isopods ate it from the inside out.

Below is the image from two days later.

Cicada (Cicadetta calliope) Prairie Cicada collected in studio yard 11 July 09 (above)
Cicada (Tibien superba) Superb Cicada collected in studio yard 06 July 09 (below)

Saturday 11 July 09

Sunday 5 July 09

Deer horn donated Saturday 27 June 09 by the DEA agent who along with the US Border Patrol searched my van between Big Bend and Alpine. They were nice even after their dog alerted. They spent 15 minutes searching through the road kills and odd stuff. My old van was always full of odd stuff. My van blew the transmission Friday July 10th. I'm not sure it will survive ...or be preserved.

Mediterranean Gecko (Hemidactylus turcicus turcicus) collected dead Tuesday 23 June 09 in a termite trap beside the studio garden. It was between layers of wood catching termites and ants when I restacked the lumber looking for termites.