UTA installation
Jan 04

Intermittent Rain

"Monologue of a Hibernating Frog"

sleet or snow?
feels good it soaks into.
my body wet.
mistily moistened
snow or cold rain?
acanthus rooting above me gone bad for the cold?
or those withered leaves suffering heavy snow?
what's the faint sound coming on?
a jet?
or a big truck?
like electric massage feels good.
never get hungry.
underground this may be hell.
I think hell is fine.
the dreams I dream always wrapped in a rose mist.
meanwhile spring arrives and. cool-like
into the dazzling light and air I creep up but.
that's what makes me smile with all my eyes.

From Shimpei Kusano - the Frog Poet of Japan,
by way of
Steve Waldron - the Northern Californian Frog and Beat Poet

black sunflower seeds
spread on the gallery floor

consumer jars stacked
with my studio window panes
and a small quadritic glass marker on top

rust patterns from the jar lids
that are no longer

One of my frogs who died
cast in bas-relief glass

view from the other side
with David Gibson's mysterious landscapes
in the background

below the small colonnade
the light pools brightly with soft edges

and here the rain falls
and dries
before the rain falls again

the young atherium needs
intermittent rain

With the misting rain a small rivlet forms
and runs as far as it can

but never goes over the edge

the small collection jars below the sandblasted glass surface
show more clearly when the surface is wet

these small jars have housed preserved amphibians
at the American Museum of Natural History in New York
for most of the past 100 years

the images below were taken in my studio
while the "intermittent rain" began

I miss the old hoe

but in the open and sterile gallery space
it didn't sing

like in the studio

(as Harvey says)



Tracy Hicks
223 North Shore
Dallas, TX