sorting out an historical process in
the art of preserving diminishing life

a series for Louise Rosenfield

Parce Mihi Domine
Jan Garbarek & The Hilliard Ensemble



"...your art is connecting us all ,creatures great and small.
Thank you for sharing it." ~P.N.

"...a spectre-like quality to the frog forms you were making.
This last piece (j64) with its musical pairing, crosses over
into the heavenly. In honoring Ms. Rosenfield, you've also
taken your honoring of life forms to a higher level." ~D.W.

"...What a deeply moving series! I especially appreciatedthe lighting,
"animation" of the jars, and the selections of music and found myself
near tears through the Jan Barbarek and the Hilliard Ensemble piece.
A deep sadness came over me... for so many things in this world are
represented by the passing of these little frogs...
so many missed opportunities for mankind to do better...
...but it is very impressive!!! It is incredible!!!!!" ~N.R.

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