My recommendation is to go with all compact fluorescent lights. AH Supply makes some great kits (www.ahsupply.com). The bulbs you use should be 5000K to 6500K color temp. I like the 5000K bulbs myself but others like the bluer 6500K. It won't matter to your plants and both look good. Two CF bulbs that span the width of your tank will give you enough light to bloom orchids and broms. I have a 36"wide x 36"tall viv that has a single 96w 5000K CF bulb and 4 - 30w conventional Reptisun 5 bulbs and I've had several species of orchids and bromeliads bloom. I plan to replace the conventional bulbs with another 96w kit fitted with a UVB bulb. ESU makes 7% UVB CF bulbs that I haven't tried yet but plan to. They are available at Pondside Herp Supply (http://www.herpsupplies.com/cgi-bin/perlshop/perlshop.cgi?action=thispa ge&thispage=page11_51.html&ORDER_ID=030515125395). Just don't forget that if you use UVB, then you need to use UV transmitting material or nothing between the bulb and the viv or you will filter out all that expensive UV radiation before it hits your plants or animals.