Tell Tell Heart

Tell Tell Heart
July 2002

A Change in Content


This piece had a previous life

Its original life came from Edgar Allan Poe's "The Tell Tell Heart"

But change was always part of the piece. Like the heart hidden below the floor it kept on beating.

Its life had slowly changed.

The colors had become muted.

It was still beautiful but had begun to decay in its way.

Beets create the basic blood red color.

The blood red color associated with heart.

Change is inevitable.

Change releases energy.

Luckily, I have patrons who understand.

These are all images of the new jars that will mix with the old.

The task at hand is to determine at what point to quit.

When is the added color too much?

Where does Poe leave and what all has happened between then and now take over?

The elements are essentially the same.

The transformation is different.

I'm no longer bound to this old form.

New legs are grown,

and I can breath the fresh air of a new day.

The heart may still beat beneath the floor, but.....

I have already chosen my path.

Dublin Museum of Natural History

Dublin Museum of Natural History

Dublin Museum of Natural History


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