opening 28 April 2001


Valley House pond (before & after)

The exhibition at Valley House Gallery that opened last Saturday is a group sculpture show. Cheryl Vogel asked me to do two installation pieces. One piece was installed in and out of this pond in the middle of the gallery's sculpture garden.

I decided to focus on the area around this bridge.

The web-like reflections cast against the dark shadow of the bridge interests me. Day meets night and in that twilight perceptions change. Other life forms slip from beneath the cool shrouds to sing their songs of anticipation and make love in the light of the moon. But the songs are quieter now. The chorus has dwindled. The shadows are darker. The light anuran songs of the night slowly fade.

A way to find some understanding, some enlightenment, and perhaps a little wisdom before the metamorphosis has passed.

OK, so much for the romantic.

As Donald Vogel, the painter and owner of the gallery predicted the water level changed. It rose almost two inches. I loved it and simultaneously the change disappointed me. The piece didn't look as good as when Cooper and I slushed around in the mud the Wednesday before. Then all the seven pieces in the water were set at what seemed the optimum level. Change was built into the piece. I knew it would be different as the water arose. It simply took me by surprise to see it so different.

One piece (the piece above) is split into two separate sections at a level just below the frog. The ring of light created by the split glows at the water level. Above and a little below that level the ring of light still exists.

Valley House Gallery
Sculpture Exhibition
28 April 2001


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