Val installation
Rodney Rogers' Exhibition
installed 18 May 2005

"Filter Frogs 1"

this piece was made to look precarious

3 rows of jars balanced on 3 sheets of 1/4 inch glass

appear to float __oddly balanced__ four feet above the floor

could they easily be dislodged and shattered?

the jars, shelves and base are all glass
so they could easily be shattered
but they are made to work together
be stable


"...the fragility of nature has a dual personality like light. Nature is both fragile and impossible to destroy.
I'm imagining that if the base of this installation collapsed, many jars would be broken but one or two would remain intact
and would stand solid on the shards of the collapse.
That is nature."

~Brent Brock
19 May 05


"Your work is about the fragility and unpredictability of life. Your new piece amplifies that idea. Our foundations and accepted concepts truly rest on a base that is sure in its friability and predictable in respect to the constant of change.

This new piece is a poem of impermanence."

~David Gibson
20 May 05


"...I found the work lovely -- ethereal almost, like an island, a piece of earth floating in the sky."

~Gretchen Deyer
19 May 05


"...precarious piece generates thought into the precariousness of stable interpretations. I felt nervous looking at the piece and felt better that my morning coffee was still a pot of boiling water and not a caffeine laden bloodstream. It is beautiful and fragile. Hopefully, stability will reign and cause more thought."

~Tim Paine
19 May 05


"Every day we exist, we strive to balance and preserve the many aspects of our life on precarious shelves and rickety perches. Sometimes things fall off. Other times they get knocked down. Most of the time we will stop to pick up the pieces, but rarely will we remain there long enough to contemplate how the stability of our lives is so dependent upon the supporting structure of relationships.

You have provided us with a wonderful reminder. ."

~Ron Sibler
21 May 05


"Your use of glass to hold up the rows of jars keeps getting more and more interesting. Sometimes I have enormous difficulty seeing things without looking through my science-geek glasses, probably because I spend a ridiculous amount of time looking at jars of stuff on shelves trying to find problems, rather than seeing its aesthetic possibilities. Your installations always challenge me, because although you capture the essence of jars-on-shelves, you force the viewer to look beyond that. I think that I am paying much more attention to the glass, too, following my work on the body slice project in Chicago.
Intriguing images."

~John Simmons
Herpetology Collections Manager University of Kansas
19 May 05


Older pieces
included in this exibition
by Tracy Hicks

"Trophy Flag" 1992
property of Rodney Rogers

"Sacred Heart" 1994
property of Rodney Rogers

"Enlightenment" 1995
property of Rodney Rogers

"Thelma's sword" 1997
property of the artist

Tracy Hicks
223 North Shore
Dallas, TX